Bulldog Gutter Guard

rain-432770_640Q: How well do they handle rain?
A: Bulldog Gutter Guards can handle 14″ of rain per hour.

Q: What are they made of?
A: They are made of .019 aluminum and are backed with a lifetime warranty. The aluminum will not warp and can not be damaged by squirrels, birds etc.

Q: How do they attach?
A: The panels do not interfere with roof shingles in any way and are designed to be secured to your existing gutter system.

Q: Will the Bulldog Gutter Guards be visible?
A: Bulldog Gutter Guards nearly invisible.

Q: How much will installation cost?
A: The cost varies depending on the footage of gutters, if your gutters need to additional maintenance or repairs. The height of your home is also a factor if special equipment is required.

Q: Will there be ongoing cleaning or maintenance?
A: The Bulldog Gutter Guard is practically maintenance free. They will get dirty overtime like any other exterior product and may need rinsed off with a high power hose.

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