Winter Roof Damage

We all know the damage that winter weather causes to our roads. Snow and ice that is plowed with our cities trucks keep our roads clear but also leaves damage behind. As winter goes on we see large potholes and salt damage and in the spring this must be repaired. Much like our roads, our roofs incur damages as well.

Ice dams are a common roof problem in the winter. This is the result of snow melting and refreezing causing ice buildup on the gutters. With an ice damn, the excess snow and ice will melt but the water has nowhere to go. As we know, water expands when frozen and when this occurs it causes a blockage and sometimes can break the seal between the gutter and the drain pipe. This can also cause water to get under the shingles and cause leaks when it melts.

If this is something you have noticed with your roof this winter, please do not try to remedy this on your own. Not only is it dangerous for you, you could further damage your roof. Call the professionals at D & R Exteriors for a roof inspection today.

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